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It’s easy to get bored in Norway.  Way too easy!  Thankfully, it’s so cold that the boredom is often shared in small, closed quarters to save electricity and keep warm.  And when cramped and bored the Norse start writing music.

The Terrifieds are no exception.

They all come from different bands, but when Kristopher (Norway’s most notorious “human”) huddled some friends together, they soon emerged as one unit.  Three songs and two days later this is what they came up with.  Hope you enjoy it as much as they did making it.
The Terrifieds are:

     (Hurra Torpedo, Mongo Ninja, The Cumshots, Datsun)
       – Vocals
(Sweden, The Cumshots, Tennessee Beats, Datsun)
       – Guitar
(Caddy, Turbonegro, Yum Yums) – Drums
(Brat Pack, Wonderfools, Datsun, Sofisticates, Mary’s
      Kids, Successful Sinners) – Guitars
     (Syndrom, Prins Fabis Lysfabrikk) – Bass

Five guys, well past their prime, honoring the one thing they always find comfort in…..Pop Music!

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The Terrifieds
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The Terrifieds
Combo 7 inch vinyl w/ CD Copy
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